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The Nigerian Association of Dermatologists is the representative body for the Nigerian Dermatology industry, supporting a multibillion naira clinical service supply chain, drug and therapeutics, research and training network. It caters to a workforce of over 10,000 people bringing together professionals, clinicians, researchers and academics from all over the country to share techniques, technology and, most of all, exciting new ideas.

As an NAD member, you’ll join a network of over 100 members’ individual physicians and more than 5 regional chapters and over 100 Professional Dermatology Practices as members across Nigeria who work, teach and study in the field, with an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience in Africa! Becoming a member will move your career forward through connecting you with high quality training, access to the latest cutting edge knowledge and exposure to networking.

Membership of NAD gives you access to a huge national and international network of contacts, a unique learning opportunity, and the chance to actively participate in discussion around the development of dermatology and medical practice. In NAD, we understand that as our world continues to outgrow regional to national frameworks, we will see an increasing demand for intra disciplinary dialogue and collaboration as well as protocols and guidelines to put our practice in the front burner of dermatology practice.


A dermatologist is a medically qualified doctor who has then chosen to spend several years training specifically in dermatology. Click here to find a Dermatologist in Nigeria

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